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After positive feed back and high demand QIK Learning Services presents QIK Trips, an educational opportunity for students and travelers alike. Accompany us on our guided tours to beautiful destinations around Germany and Europe, while also being challenged to use your new language skills. Learn history and culture in groups of your peers while embarking on new adventures. Families permitted on all trips unless exclusively stated otherwise. We hope you enjoy!

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Taunus Thermal Bath & Spa Retreat - November 5, 2023 

On November 5th, a select group of ladies gathered for a lavish retreat at the Taunus Thermal Bath & Spa. Departing from Ramstein-Miesenbach in luxury transportation, the day was set for unparalleled relaxation and pampering.

The journey began with the clinking of glasses as bottomless mimosas flowed, setting a jubilant tone. Upon arrival, the guests enjoyed all-day access to the spa's rejuvenating thermal waters and saunas, basking in tranquility.

The experience was peppered with delightful surprises—gifts and prizes that added a touch of excitement to the serene day.

As the evening drew near, the ladies returned, rejuvenated and carrying with them not just the physical tokens but a refreshed spirit and cherished memories.

This short escape was a testament to the magic of dedicated time for self-care. Until we meet again for the next serene adventure!

Black Forest Bath Oasis Spas, Titsee- January 21, 2024

Early in the morning, the ladies set off from Ramstein-Miesenbach for a special day trip. They were all excited to visit the Black Forest Bath Oasis Spas at Titsee, a beautiful spa in the middle of nature.

The ladies started their journey at 7 AM, we had unlimited mimosas. These are bubbly, fruity drinks that made our ride super fun. We looked out at the pretty trees and hills of the Black Forest while chatting and sipping our drinks. We also had special breakfast boxes, courtesy of a partnered company,  Plattered Perfection. These boxes had all sorts of good food in them. It was a great way to start our day with something good to eat.

When the ladies got to the spa, it was really peaceful and pretty. It was surrounded by trees and clear water. Just being there made them feel calm and happy. The best part of the day was the spa treatments. The ladies all got massages that were super relaxing. The masseuses were really good, and everyone felt great afterward.

They also enjoyed the spa's other features, like saunas and hot springs. Everything was very relaxing, and being in nature made it even better. This trip was also special because the ladies got to spend time together. They talked, laughed, and enjoyed the peaceful spa. It was a great way to make their friendships stronger.

At the end of the day, the ladies drove back to Ramstein-Miesenbach. They talked about how much fun they had and how they were thankful for the day.

Their trip to the Black Forest Bath Oasis Spas was a great day of relaxation and fun with friends. The ladies all felt refreshed and happy after spending a day in such a beautiful place.

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