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Underground 13

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The Underground 13 (UG13)  was founded in the KMC on May 15, 2020, ten days before the murder of George Floyd. The thinking behind the organization was, black business owners are already disenfranchised and have lower opportunities than others; it made sense to group together and try and help each other with networking, resources and marketing while also giving back to our community.

There was no major selection process in the beginning, one person brought in another until there were 13 of us. As we began to organize we decided on the name Underground 13 symbolically as Harriet Tubman went on 13 missions to free the slaves. Aside from our core mission to assist black businesses we occasionally have non-profit community events or educational seminars.

As we are in a military community, people rotate in and out and we are looking to recruit new members and want to open this opportunity to anyone interested in membership or occasionally volunteering.

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Underground Youth Club

The Underground Youth Club (UYC) is an extension of the Underground 13 (UG13), which is a Non-Proft Organization for black business owners in and around the KMC. UG13 is primarily focused on the congregation and collaboration of BBOs  with the purpose of engaging in community service, networking, and providing resources and assistance to propel the members of our community.

UYC is a program for 14-18 year olds counseled by UG13 members and volunteers to educate the teens on important life skills not taught in their everyday curriculum that we hope will be advantageous as they maneuver toward adulthood. Our program is free to parents & students and funded through 
sponsorships and donations.

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North Stars Stomp n' Shake Cheer 

The North Stars is a Stomp n’ Shake Cheer

team for 6 to 10 year old children. Stomp n’ Shake is a unique HBCU style of cheer celebrated in the

African American community, as it implements traditional cheer technique as well as dance and step.

North Stars Newsletter April 2024
North Star Upcoming Events
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SHE Women's Support Group

SHE is a women's group and initiative with the desire to help women feel supported in their personal development as well as attainment of their goals, to accompany them on a journey of healing after hardship, and to feel empowered to become the best most fulfilled versions of themselves. 

Through meetings, outings, classes, tours and seminars we hope to build a community where all feel welcome and encouraged. SHE will have rotating speakers, educators and counselors when available to assist with a number of relevant topics. 

SHE is a collaborative project between Latasha Thomas (CEO of QIK | Learning Services, owner of EvaLiah's Parish Founder of the Underground 13), Fatima Bekerida (Owner of Harlem's Beauty & Barber Shop and CEO of Hair by Fatima), and Kristina Atamanow-Maden  (Co-Owner of Hopfereiwirtshaus, Skyy Lounge Ramstein and Skyy Lounge Kaiserslautern).

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