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What We’re All About

QIK | Learning Services (previously QIK | English Services) was founded in 2018 and formerly specialized in bringing Business English classes to companies. QIK offered face to face classes to enhance English communication skills. QIK’s CEO began her educational journey as a tutor and freelance teacher 10 years ago, is a Graduate Alumni of University of Maryland and a Post-Graduate student of business at Kaiserslautern Technical University in Germany.


During her journey she taught over one thousand students in class settings as well as virtually, for six language schools and at over 30 different companies. Though she had different experiences at most and the majority were positive she was able to take away things she felt could be improved not just for the customer but also for the teachers. With that in mind QIK strives to offer courses and content that are relevant and consistently evolving while providing transparency for our clients. We also genuinely care about our teachers and hope to foster a strong support system and comfortable work environment with clear expectations.


Since 2018 QIK has gone on to offer German courses and even more recently hired professionals in a number of fields of personal and business development to assist individuals as well as companies. QIK proudly supports a team of almost a dozen teachers, with varying degrees from communications, to business and marketing. See our "professionals" tab to learn more about our teachers. 

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